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Green Kosher



Our grape juice is the same cult drink that your longtime ancestors drank thousands of years ago. Producing the 100% GreenKosher grape juice we do not use artificial flavouring, artificial coloring and preserving agents, sulfites and we do not add sugar.

Our juice is made in Georgia of best grape varieties, using technologies that allow the beverage to preserve its natural benefits and exceptional taste.

The "GreenKosher" juice is not clarified to give it a better visual appearance. It contains more than 150 micronutrients that improve metabolism and digestion.



For over 4,000 years Kosher has been a hallmark of Jewish identity. Perhaps more than in any other commandments, the kosher laws emphasize that Judaism is more than religion in the generally accepted sense of the word. For a Jew, holiness is not limited to holy places, food, and moments which are out of daily life; rather, life in its integrity is a sacred cause.

And grape juice (and wine), more than any other food or drink, represents the holiness and purity of the Jewish people.

After all, kosher observance means, first of all, the observance of the laws of kosher food and following traditions. But it also means the awareness of our true source of food and the meaning of food.

Juice benefits


The GreenKosher grape juice is a source of natural antioxidants resveratrol and polyphenols which mitigate the effects of oxidative stress on our body reducing the risk of chronic diseases. These substances concentrate biologically active compounds which, together with vitamins and minerals, have a beneficial effect on the bone marrow enhancing the function of blood formation and increasing the number of red blood corpuscles erythrocytes in the blood.

While grape is low in calories, its natural sugars, such as glucose and fructose, help to increase physical and mental performance. It can be used both at a normal diet, and at high physical activity.

Our grape juice

GreenKosher juice was produced under the supervision of the Kashrut Department of the Chief Rabbinate of Russia under the leadership of the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar.

After that, a kosher certificate was obtained for two kinds of grape juice, as well as permission to sign the highest level of kosher.

We produce traditional kosher grape juice which we gladly offer to you today.

  • Chief Rabbi of the Russian Federation, Berl Lazar

    With the director of the GreenKosher group of companies, Alexander Vtyurin
  • rabbi of the Moscow synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya, Itzhak Abramovich Kogan

    With the director of the GreenKosher group of companies, Alexander Vtyurin
  • Head of the Department of Kashrut under the Chief Rabbinate of Russia Rabbi Yosif Vetzub

    With the director of the GreenKosher group of companies, Alexander Vtyurin
  • President of Georgia Salome Levanovna Zurabishvili

    On the production of GreenKosher juice
 Kosher Grape Juice

Kosher Grape Juice

Grape Juice from Georgia

Grape Juice from Georgia


On the left - the natural juice of Tavkveri grape variety.

The color of this juice is ruby. The aroma felt notes of black currant, aftertaste - raisins. It tastes very sweet.


On the right is natural juice of Aladusturi grape variety.

The color of this juice is dark ruby. The aroma is more pronounced, rich, but at the same time soft with a touch of kiwi in its flavor profile.




 Grape juice

Grape juice

still good

The juice "GreenKosher" is essentially a natural antasthenic tonic. It is recommended when recovering from any illness, in case of anemia, malnutrition, heartburn, and intestinal problems.

It is also recommended for pregnant women and children, as it is ideal for quenching free radicals, and all kinds of toxins in the blood, which prevents vascular and bronchial diseases. A high content of iron and calcium makes this wonderful drink a natural energy drink.


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Enjoy the unparalleled quality of our grape juice!


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